Ways to Support PFM

Volunteering your time!

If you’d like to coach at practices or scrimmages please email us.

We cannot scrimmage without Referees and NSOs. We’ll teach you how to do these things if you’re interested, and this is an excellent way to support our recreational league.

Are you a photographer or videographer or have you wanted to learn to be? We welcome those skills as well!

Many skaters enter this sport and get caught up in it quickly, and this can create “derby widows” at home, we absolutely support getting them involved too. If you have other skills you think may be helpful to PFM, please reach out and talk to us about your ideas.

Showing PFM the money!

As a registered 501(c)3 non profit (EIN # 47-4630091) business, there are many programs and vehicles by which you can choose to support PFM. Several of the big local companies participate in employee matching of donations for small non profits.

Donating! You can make a direct donation to PFM by sending money to friends or family via PayPal to pfmrollerderby@gmail.com.

Shopping! If you use this link, Amazon Smile will donate a small portion of each sale to PFM, and every little bit adds up! https://smile.amazon.com/ch/47-4630091

Charity! The Combined Find Drive is there to empower Washington public employees and retirees to strengthen their communities through the funding and support of charities. You can find us under “Potential Fresh Meat Roller Derby” in the search link here: https://www.cfd.wa.gov/search

Joining us!

And, last but not least, support us by becoming a skater!

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