Your First Practice

At New Skater we will ensure that you can stop safely and are generally stable on skates. (If you’re not there yet, we’ll help teach you!) Once you clear that—and everybody does if they keep trying—you will be invited to come to our regular practices. Our regular practices are coached by a variety of experienced skaters from leagues all over the area, including PFM.

Coaches are encouraged to teach their favorite things or skills they have been requested to demonstrate by PFM or skaters at practice. This could range from footwork to skating form, contact, scrimmage scenarios, or anything you could imagine (and some things you can’t) on skates. The great thing about roller derby is there is so much to learn and so many different ways to learn it that you’ll never stop learning. We provide many different eyes to learn through.

PFM also has up to 6 practice opportunities a month that are on-skates but mostly non-contact. So if non-contact skating is for you, we offer new skater classes that practice stops, ALL skate that works on form and stride, WFTDA minimums that work on standard roller derby skills—most of which are non-contact—and opportunities to referee too! And for those of you who crave full-contact, we also have our regular practices and scrimmages too! See the calendar page for details.

The most important thing is to be flexible in your thinking and have an open mind. Trying things you don’t feel ready for is a cornerstone for learning roller derby. Keeping that in mind, you may always choose to not participate in any given drill. You get out what you put in, and what you put in is entirely up to you. Try not to compare yourself to other skaters, as PFM always has a vast variety of skaters at every practice, but compare what you are doing today to the last time you put your skates on. Every time you lace up you will get better and better. All time on skates is good time on skates.

We do have Practice Managers at every practice, and they will watch to see that the coach is aware of different skill levels at a practice and alert the coach if we need to go over anything extra. We are also always happy to take you aside and break down skills. No need to worry; you will get the help you need. PFM specializes in new skaters. We encourage asking questions and learning.

You will have fun and be among like-minded people. Roller derby is a great sport and learning to play is half the fun. The other half of the fun is playing the game of roller derby. PFM can help you achieve both.

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