Frequently Asked Questions about PFM:

What is PFM? An independent roller derby recreational league who supports all area leagues!

Who’s at a typical practice? All levels from league skaters to skaters who just passed New Skater. We all start somewhere, but most of us start with PFM!

What’s New Skater? It is a class to teach basic skating and stopping. We make sure all skaters have good stability and are able to stop while standing before attending regular practice. You must be 16+ and all genders are welcome!

Do I need to come to New Skater? Email us first to have this discussion, but in general: Yes, if you cannot stop 100% with a plow or t-stop or you need to work on balance. If you can already stop while skating in a standing position and are stable on skates, you may likely come directly to regular practice. Anybody 16+ may come to NS anytime just to work on stops, get used to skates after being off awhile, or be a mentor to a new skater.

What is a regular practice like? Depends on the coach; we do what the coach has planned for the practice, and it could be anything! We believe different viewpoints are always good, so you can learn all the ways and choose what works best for you.

Who can come to regular practice? Those who pass NS or get a pass from us to come directly to regular practice, open to all women and non-binary folks 18+, who are interested in learning and practicing the skills needed to play roller derby under the WFTDA ruleset and gender policy.

Do you have contact? Yes. But we always have a “no jerks” rule. That basically means that you should know who you are hitting and hit to their level. Veterans do not blow up newer skaters.

What if I am not comfortable doing a drill? You should always try, but if you are unable or unwilling to do something, don’t. Feel free to hang out and watch or do laps. PFM is low pressure.

What if I am new to a drill? No problem. We have a few Practice Managers and their job is to know the general levels and let the coach know if the group needs more explanation (of a drill or of the rules). The Practice Manager may also come and work one on one with you. You will get help if you need it, no worries.

When is practice? Visit our calendar for specifics.

What if I am already skating with a league? You may combine your league learning with PFM practices and/or Core. More skate time = always a great idea! PFM is a great addition to league skate time and is encouraged by many coaches to become the skater you want to be.

How much is it? Thanks to a generous grant from Seattle Parks & Recreation, participation in PFM, including gear rental, is FREE.

What is Core? Core is the group that helps drive PFM’s future. It is the inner circle of PFM. Anyone who has a job to help PFM, big or small, may join Core. Core is the voting body of PFM. If you are interested, reach out to any member of PFM’s Leadership and we can help you.

What is a Learning Scrimmage? The 1st Saturday of the month is our Learning Scrimmage. All skaters that have passed New Skater are encouraged to participate! We go over basic rules and place green tape on new skaters for their first 3 scrimmages. This tape is a reminder to our higher level skaters that they are not to be a jerk and must only positionally block that skater. It is also a reminder to your team to help you out. If the other team ignores the tape, they get sent to the box immediately. We break in half and scrimmage each other. This helps keep it a safe environment for learning skaters.

What is a Recreational Scrimmage? They are the 3rd Saturday of the month. They are friendly, lightly competitive, and a fun environment to play and learn roller derby in. They are for officials and skaters who want to hone their skills, veteran skaters who are looking to take on a mentoring role, and skaters who just want to play recreationally. They are more intense than Learning Scrimmage but less intense than league scrimmages.

What is a POC Scrimmage? People of Color Scrimmage. Everyone is welcome, though non-POC will be asked to backfill and support as needed including spectating and cheering. We love for lots of allies to show up and participate in the fun! For all positions priority will be given to POC. POC are self-identified and no questions will be asked, other than what you identify as. Scrimmages are a mix of a Learning Scrimmage and Recreational Scrimmage. They’re to lift up, celebrate, and give a safe space to our skaters of color. They are the 5th Saturdays of the month.

What if I want to learn to referee? We can help with that too! Please come to New Skater first if you need help with stopping and stability. Once you’re safe, then you may come to learn to referee before our scrimmages. You may always come off skates as well.

Do you teach NSOs (non-skating officials)? Yes! You may email us and let us know you’re interested. We’re happy to teach you the ropes at our scrimmages.

Do you allow men? In non-contact situations, yes. We welcome men to New Skater, ALL skate, WFDTA minimums, and to NSO and referee at our twice-monthly scrimmages. See our calendar to determine which practices are open to you.

What ages do you allow to scrimmage? We currently allow only skaters aged 18+.

What flooring are you skating on? It is a wooden and coated gymnasium floor. It is on the slicker side when cured.

What do I do if I’d like to come to PFM for any or all of the above? Just email pfmrollerderby@gmail.com and let us know your current abilities (if any). That’s it! We’ll email you back a Welcome Letter with lots of PFM specifics so you know what to expect.

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