Scrimmage Types

PFM offers scrimmages on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. The first is our Recreational Scrimmage and the third Saturday is the Learning Scrimmage.

What’s a Learning Scrimmage?
No experience? No problem. These are scrimmages designed to be helpful for new skaters, and the only requirement is that you be able to pass our New Skater (in other words, stable skating and the ability to stop using either a plow or a t-stop).

New skaters are green taped for their first three scrimmages in our very supportive environment. The green tape signifies to skaters and referees that those skaters are to be positionally blocked only, no hits to them. If that rule is broken, the offending skater will go directly to the box. It is also a reminder to non-taped skaters to help them when possible. Learning Scrimmages are the third Saturday of each month.

What’s a Recreational Scrimmage?
The first Saturday of the month is PFM’s drop-in Recreational Scrimmage. They are friendly, moderately competitive, and a fun environment to play and learn roller derby in. They are for officials and skaters who want to hone their skills, veteran skaters who are looking to take on a mentoring role, and skaters who just want to play recreationally for the fun of it. They are more intense than PFM’s Learning Scrimmage but less intense than league scrimmages.

The requirements for Recreational Scrimmage are that you have skated in 4 of our Learning Scrimmages (3 green taped and 1 not taped) OR 4 scrimmages somewhere else and that you have passed or are close to passing your WFTDA minimums.

What’s a POC Scrimmage?
Everyone is welcome, though non-POC will be asked to backfill and support as needed including spectating and cheering. We love for lots of allies to show up and participate in the fun! For all positions priority will be given to POC. POC are self-identified and no questions will be asked, other than what you identify as. Scrimmages are a mix of a Learning Scrimmage and Recreational Scrimmage. Please report one hour early if you are in your first three scrimmages.

Our priorities are safety, learning, and fun.
• No hits to green-taped skaters and hit to the level of other skaters (always play to an appropriate level).

• Don’t race the pack unnecessarily.

• Be respectful to the officials and other players. PFM has a zero-tolerance policy for talking back to refs and trash-talking other players.

• League veterans will be expected to give feedback to newer players.

If you’d like more info on our scrimmages, please email

What’s the difference between PFM scrimmages?

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