Origin Story

A History of PFM by “Moe Ya Down”—Monique Martinez, a founder of PFM as well as a long-time Sockit Wench with Rat City Roller Derby

“It all started a long time ago, in 2005. Back in the day a pretty large group of women were trying out for the Rat City Rollergirls; I remember tryouts having as many as 50 skaters trying out and probably room for about 10 to 15. It was extremely competitive, stressful, and heart breaking for those who didn’t make it. Tryouts were rough and many times skaters, including myself, went away with the advice to ‘keep trying; maybe next time.’

“After one of these tryouts a group of 10 or so skaters got together to console each other, and one of the skaters had the great idea of renting out space ourselves at the local roller rink in order to get better and maybe make the next tryouts.”

Thus was born PFM. “We wanted to PFM to be inclusive for everyone. For skaters who wanted to try out for a team and for skaters who chose to stay with PFM. But always with the goal of making it a safe place for all up-and-coming skaters to learn, get better, make a team, or skate for fun.

“I am so happy to see that PFM is a great place for all: for those who want to try out and join a local league and for those who choose to not tryout and want a place to skate with other awesome skaters. PFM brings in skater coaches from many leagues and is truly a safe place for all.”

Original logo design—Chris Parrott

Our logo was designed by Chris Parrott, a native Seattlite and husband of one of our alumnae skaters. Art has always been a part of his life, so when PFM hosted a logo design contest he entered and won. About a year later, the Rat City Rollergirls’ Lightning Fists of Science (NSOs) contacted him to design their logo and it too is still being used today!

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