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Vampira Bitely
Vamp / Bitely
previous social media, new skater, waiver wench, etc.
radiation therapist

Was originally 0- but couldn't hear "zero" well on the track; so I went for lucky 7s instead!

Skated outside as a kid, honed my skating skills as an adult by skating with PFM, practicing at the rink, open skates, and sometimes even in the apartment hallways, or my tiny kitchens!

I was originally approached at a rink in Ft. Lauderdale by Gold Coast Derby around 2006, but I was in therapy school and had no health insurance. I kept it in the back of my head though, and when we moved to Seattle in late 2012 I knew that I wanted to make it happen.

After hiatus and retirement from derby for a while, I'm now interested in coming back for non contact things!

Photo by Jay Kantor in LA for Kung Fu Breakfast

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