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As a kid, my mom refused to let me sit indoors surfing the net, so I bought myself a pair of rollerblades and coasted all over town. My main route was breezing past my crush's house like I had important business on that block several times a day. Skating has always been comfortable and my favorite way to get around. Learning to play derby has helped me find strength, stability and confidence on wheels. I love seeing my progress in measurable ways and being inspired by my teammates making huge leaps in skill.

In middle school, a boy tormentor would come up with creatively cruel names to call me in class. They were usually a play on my actual name combined with a nod to my chubbiness. For a few months, I was simply known as “Pie." One day he called me Taitanic. It was the best thing he’d ever come up with (in his whole life, quite possibly). At the time, I was terrified it would stick and luckily it didn’t. I reclaimed the name in my 30s as the most powerful and luxurious derby name of all time.

Cuddling dogs, adventuring in camper vans, writing short stories, beekeeping, crossword puzzles, laughing

“One regret, dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed, is that I did not kiss you enough” -Hafiz

Megan Bent

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