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Phoenix, Rumi, Ruu
July 2012
Web master, marketing director, den mother
Pastry Chef

92 is derived from my birthday of September 2.

I feel a special connection with the phoenix, deep enough to get a tattoo of one. Even if I burn, I'll rise up and rain more fire than before.

Thankfully, I developed an aptitude for skating early in life and spent years of my childhood playing street hockey on skates.

A few of my friends were into derby for years as NSOs, spectators, and skaters, but I never really understood the appeal of it. I kept saying that it looked like something I wanted to play, not necessarily watch. During the summer of 2012 I noticed that my usual workout routine was getting to be bland so I wanted to add a new activity to liven it up. I remembered how much I liked to skate as a kid so I decided to put my money where my mouth was and try playing derby. I got geared up, passed PFM’s foundation skills class, and have been at it since.

Gaming (board, tabletop, and some video), crafty things, nerdy things, foodie things (cooking and baking), fencing, curling.
Robert Bakie

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