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Pepto Abysmal
Jess, Pep
Jan. 2018
writer for PFM montly e-newsletter
"Stacking Cans, Saving Lives" at Trader Joe's

"Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea."

I've always had a lot of health issues which have held me back from fulfilling my goals and reaching my maximum potential. Most of them were physical, but I definitely told myself I didn't have the mental stamina and confidence to try derby in the past. I said screw it and proved myself wrong! I figured, why the hell not poke fun at myself a bit while I'm having a good time?!
When I was a wee one, the abominable abdominal demonesses cursed and plagued me with wretched manifestations of bodily discomforts; now it's time to get revenge. The tables have turned.
Thus, Pepto Abysmal was reborn from the ashes of affliction, releasing her internal rage and soothing her upset stomach by way of quad skates and spandex, one jam at a time.

Growing up I enjoyed skating down my driveway in straight lines with my Chicago skates, forever lusting over the perfect figure 8. I adored and admired the idea of roller derby since I was a teen, but never liked the idea of team sports, with being frail and too shy to talk to people. Instead, I skated with my sister in the comfort of our rocky, albeit long and private driveway, and at the nearest skateway in Lynden, WA.

Fast forward a decade or so...
When I moved to Seattle in summer 2017 I bought my first pair of Riedell's and trudged around Green Lake in circles for a summer, and neglected to do much else with them until I came across PFM in December 2017. Now I skate with PFM and am currently in Rainier Roller Girls boot camp, and enjoying any possibility to make further progress on my skills and build my arsenal of techniques.

my pet snails, bar trivia, karaoke, cooking/baking/eating vegan food, finding the best vegan junk food, crafting, ceramics and pottery, listening to music and going to concerts, writing, poetry, ufo/cryptozoology/paranormal studies


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