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Hira, Hiracane, Mom, Mama
Coach wrangler
bone marrow transplant physician assistant

My name is Hira and in college, i had a friend that would sing, "Hira AM. Rock you like a hurricaaaane" every time I entered a room. Pretty cool that the Scorpions sing my theme song. My number is 42, which is my daughter's number - It is homage to her because I am so proud to be her mom and watch her skate. 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything - which is why she chose it. (she is Lucy Cannon on the derby brats). And finally, 42 is how old I was when I started skating.

After watching my kid skate for a while, I thought it looked fun. I took PFM new skater and did the pinkies sessions starting in Sept 2017, so I am pretty new to skating altogether.

I have no story yet. More to come!

2nd degree black belt in kung fu, knitting, snuggling with Felix (my pug).

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