We at PFM believe there is finally a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, but it will still be some time before we get back to ‘normal’ operations. Currently, Seattle’s community centers are dedicated to supporting our homeless community and it is unclear when other support networks might take over this function. We have been advised that community centers may not be available to us until the fall. We continue to consider other venues to try returning to derby earlier – please check back regularly for any further updates!

Potential Fresh Meat (PFM) is a volunteer-run recreational roller derby league open to all who identify as women (or are compatibly nonbinary) 18 years and over who are interested in learning and practicing the skills needed to play roller derby. Some of our members skate with us to get ready for tryouts for competitive leagues all over the Pacific Northwest, while others skate with PFM because it’s fun and great exercise.

In order to participate in PFM practices, please see our New Skater page!

Our mission is dedicated to athleticism and roller derby education. We are committed to providing a safe, fun, supportive environment for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. We cater to:

  • People who want to play and practice roller derby recreationally, with no commitment, just for fun.
  • Current league skaters wanting some extra practice time to learn faster.
  • Skaters brand new to skating and/or roller derby.
  • People who have not skated in 20 years.
  • Those recovering from an injury.
  • New skaters who wish to try out for a league.
  • People who want to learn to NSO.
  • People who want to learn to referee.
  • People looking for a social outlet.
  • Retired skaters who want to ease back in.
  • Those looking for exercise in place of a gym membership.
  • Skaters who wish to get coaching from multiple local leagues.
  • Skaters looking for some non-contact options.
  • Those who wish to skate in a woman and LGBTQ safe environment.
  • Transfer skaters new to the area who want to start skating immediately.
  • Seasoned and/or retired veterans wanting to skate without league commitments.

Our members are lawyers, mothers, firefighters, and grocery store clerks; aspiring rollergirls, retired rollergirls, speed skaters, ice skaters, dance skaters, and haven’t-skated-since-elementary-school-ers. Some of us plan to try out for competitive leagues, and some stay for the exercise and camaraderie.

PFM is not affiliated with any competitive league, but we support all Seattle-area competitive leagues.

PFM is led by:
President: Michelle Messmer
Vice President: Christine Nishida
Treasurer: Julia Schoellenbac
Secretary: Kyra Sutherland

Board of Directors:
Hira Bluestone
Amy Davis
Katie MacLeod (Chair)
Glenda Rader
Jennifer Yurcak